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Dr. Sayed Tahir Hassan

MD Integrative Medicine (USA) Cannabinoid Medicine Expert (TCMI USA) Member Society of Cannabis Clinicians USA Member Society of Integrative Oncology USA



Dr. Sayed Tahir Hassan is a distinguished medical practitioner with a remarkable career spanning over two decades. Native to Belagavi, Karnataka, he has settled in Kerala, where he has become a prominent figure in the field of integrative medicine and, more notably, medical cannabis. With an MBBS degree from Karnataka University, Dharwad, and an MD in Integrative Medicine from the USA, Dr. Tahir Hassan has achieved significant recognition and expertise in the realm of complementary and alternative medicine.

Education and Credentials

Dr. Tahir Hassan's educational journey began with his MBBS degree from Karnataka University, Dharwad. However, his pursuit of knowledge didn't stop there. He ventured to the USA, where he acquired an MD in Integrative Medicine. This American medical background, coupled with his Indian roots, has enabled him to bring a unique and holistic perspective to the field of healthcare.

Beyond his academic qualifications, Dr. Tahir Hassan has also honed his skills and knowledge in the area of medical cannabis. He is recognized as a 'Cannabinoid Medicine Expert' by TCMI, USA, making him a specialist in the therapeutic use of cannabinoids. Furthermore, he is a proud member of the 'Society of Cannabis Clinicians, USA,' an affiliation that underscores his commitment to advancing the field of medical cannabis.


Dr. Tahir Hassan’s commitment to healthcare is further demonstrated through his memberships in esteemed medical societies. He is a proud member of the following organizations:

Society of Cannabis Clinicians, USA

As a member of this society, Dr. Tahir Hassan is part of a community dedicated to advancing the clinical use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. This membership reflects his commitment to the responsible and effective use of medical cannabis.

Society for Integrative Oncology, USA

This membership highlights his involvement in the field of integrative medicine and oncology, where he combines traditional medical approaches with complementary therapies to improve cancer patients' quality of life.

Holistic Approach and Personalized Protocols

One of the hallmarks of Dr. Tahir Hassan's practice is his emphasis on personalized treatment protocols. He understands that each individual's health needs and sensitivities are unique. Therefore, he tailors his medical cannabis dosing protocols and complementary treatments to address the specific requirements of his patients. This patient-centric approach ensures that individuals receive the most effective and personalized care.

Empowering Lives and Fostering Wellness

Dr. Sayed Tahir Hassan's journey in the world of healthcare is guided by a profound belief in the power of healing. He believes that there is no greater joy than helping people become healthier and supporting them in living their lives to the fullest. With his expertise in integrative medicine, medical cannabis, and complementary therapies, he continues to make a positive impact on the lives of those he serves.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Tahir Hassan’s expertise extends to a wide range of critical health conditions, including but not limited to

With a particular focus on cancer, Dr. Tahir Hassan has designed detailed medical cannabis protocols to assist individuals dealing with life-threatening chronic diseases. His approach not only helps manage symptoms like pain, nausea, and anxiety but also significantly improves the quality of life during conventional treatments.
Dr. Tahir Hassan’s holistic approach extends to autoimmune diseases, where he combines modern medicine with alternative therapies to reduce the impact of these conditions.
His expertise in gastrointestinal diseases allows him to develop tailored treatment plans that address specific conditions, improve digestive health, and enhance overall well-being.

Diabetes management is another forte of Dr. Tahir Hassan. He employs a comprehensive approach that includes medical cannabis to complement conventional treatments.

Addressing hormonal imbalances is vital for overall health, and Dr. Tahir Hassan specializes in creating personalized protocols that cater to individual health conditions and sensitivities.

Dr. Tahir Hassan’s approach is rooted in the belief that a holistic and integrative strategy, combined with modern medicine, can enhance treatment efficacy while minimizing side effects. He is passionate about empowering individuals to heal, live healthier lives, and make the most of every day.