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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a complex hormonal and metabolic disorder common among women of reproductive age, and causes the ovaries to produce an abnormal amount of androgens. To avoid long-term complications, it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible.

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What is PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is not only a reproductive disorder. It is a whole-body endocrine disorder that impacts a wide range of hormones, including estrogen, testosterone, melatonin, and cortisol. Menstrual irregularity and infertility are two common symptoms, but women with PCOS also have much higher rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, blood clotting disorders, endometrial cancer, sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression. Many women with PCOS also have hirsutism (dark hair growth on their face, chest, and back), alopecia (thinning scalp hair), and chronic acne.

What is The Conventional Approach to PCOS?

For this complex, whole-body disorder, traditionally trained clinicians focus on a diagnosis along with a synthetic drug protocol(oral birth control pills) to treat symptoms. Although the drugs can lessen the symptoms, it can bring on more unwanted side effects, especially for women who are estrogen dominant. One of the reasons why many conventional health practitioners are at a loss to treat PCOS, is that the disorder is a combination of hormonal imbalances and gut issues that they are not trained to treat.

Why Choose Our PCOS Program?

We have combined decades of experience – both personal and clinical – with extensive research into this complex problem to develop a revolutionary approach. It starts off with a sophisticated array of advanced testing and tools that gives us insight into the balance of your hormones, state of inflammation, the condition of your gut microbiome, your nutritional status, your genetic and epigenetic status. We then craft a unique treatment plan specifically for you, one that combines the very latest conventional, naturopathic and holistic therapies to reduce inflammation and help your body rediscover its own unique personal rhythms.

Arka’s Integrated Approach to PCOS

At Arka integrative healthcare, we have taken an oath to get to the root of all your issues and to treat the body as a whole. Thus we approach PCOS from a holistic viewpoint and first see if the imbalance can be adjusted through natural means. This also allows your body to re-establish various malfunctions so that your hormonal health can rebalance naturally. Only after, we will explore if hormone replacement is necessary, along with any lifestyle changes, and also consider what the risks may be based on your unique challenges. To give women a path to true PCOS health, fertility, and vitality, Dr. Saraswathi Ramesh has developed a 12-week PCOS Reset Program. She is a gynecologist who needs no introduction. She is among the few women specialists who integrates her conventional practice with Yoga, Pranayama and meditation. Her Yoga during pregnancy is widely known.

What are The Facilities We Offer?

Advanced testing

Every woman’s PCOS is unique. We identify your specific variation of PCOS and also contributing factors such as exposure to BPA, heavy metals, and other endocrine disruptors.

Holistic Nutrition counseling

Food is medicine. We will teach you how to nourish your body so your cells can heal. When you eat is as important as what you eat. We will also introduce you to the life-changing benefits of time-restricted eating and fasting.

Nutraceutical therapies

We often achieve better results with fewer side effects using highly targeted supplements instead of pharmaceuticals, which are often endocrine disruptors themselves a

Yoga Therapy

We will guide you through simple yogic practices that will increase your overall physical activity, lower your insulin resistance, improve your gut microbiome, and dramatically improve your health.

Mind-body health

Women with PCOS are prone to anxiety and depression. We teach you how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), guided imagery, aromatherapy and use of essential oils to improve mental health. We have at our facility massage and acupuncture therapists.

Fertility enhancement

When you are ready to grow your family, we will show you how to optimize your natural fertility so you have the best chance to conceive naturally, have an uncomplicated pregnancy, and give birth to a healthy baby. For women who end up needing more advanced fertility treatments, we will help you maximize your chances of success.

Conventional treatments

We believe that healthcare providers should use the safest, most natural treatments first, but every woman is different. For women in health crises and for women where natural treatments aren’t enough, we employ a full range of conventional medical and pharmaceutical therapies. Trust our board certified doctors to ensure you achieve your dream of freedom from PCOS.


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